SNMP Toolkit for LabVIEW™ is a set of LabVIEW VIs which encode and transmit SNMP request messages and traps, and receive and decode SNMP response and trap messages. The VIs are written to allow the user direct access to all the information sent and returned in an SNMP packet, including the community name, the variable syntax, the error status, and the error index.
SNMP Toolkit for LabVIEW™ allows LabVIEW™ users to quickly build VIs for testing SNMP managed equipment. The Toolkit also supports the design of network performance and fault monitoring applications, and SNMP server agents that reside on remote entities. Combining SNMP and standard LabVIEW™ data acquisition and instrument control VIs is a powerful approach for testing internetworked systems. Using the SNMP Toolkit you can incorporate the following capabilities into your LabVIEW™ applications - Product Testing, Performance Management, Fault Management, Configuration Management, SNMP Agents.

Building LabVIEW exes in LV 8.5 and up SNMP Toolkit version 2.03 is a free upgrade that matches SNMP Toolkit to LABVIEW.LIB in LabVIEW™ versions 8.5 and up. This only affects LabVIEW™ executables. Contact Chris on the Contact page for an upgrade.

LabVIEW™ is a trademark of National Instruments, Austin TX. SNMP Toolkit works with LabVIEW 6.1, through LabVIEW 8.6 on all LabVIEW platforms. Not all features are available on non-Windows platforms.